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What conveyancers need to know about marketing

In this week’s Today’s Conveyancer podcast, host David Opie is joined by marketing guru, Clare Fanner. Clare has held senior marketing roles in law firms and is well placed to provide her take on what conveyancers should, and shouldn’t(!) be doing, as well as the future of marketing in law firms.

In her current role, as founder of Law Firm Marketing Club, Clare provides a range of resources for lawyers and law firms to help them in their day-to-day marketing challenges.

Are law firms under-resourced when it comes to their marketing investment? Or is there a lack of direction and understanding about the value of marketing? Is marketing becoming a much more specialised function with different skill sets required for paid advertising and social media management for example.

Happily, Clare sees some real positives… there is greater representation of marketing considerations at a senior level. Clare shares her thoughts on the value of marketing across the firm and provides her tips on making the most of your marketing resource, borne out of her experience working in law firms.

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