Consumers expect flood investigation

Consumers expect flood investigation

A survey by Landmark Information Group has shown 55% of UK property owners expect flood risk investigation to be part of the conveyancing process. 

The survey revealed 80% of UK homeowners would not buy a house that had a flood risk. 

Despite it being such an important only 42% of people investigated their flood risk before buying their home. 

Earlier this summer, extensive flash caused an estimated £30-£40 million in insurance claims during a three week period.

Government climate change advisors have warned that protecting against similar floods across the UK will cost at least £860m over the next three years.

The CML states that it is a standard requirement of all mortgages for the property to be covered by standard buildings insurance, including flood cover, for the full term of the contract. 

David Mole, Director of Environmental Due Diligence for Landmark Information Group, said: “With climate change producing more extreme weather patterns and more intense storm events occurring, flooding is an issue we all need to be aware of and prepared for.” 

Mr Mole said it was crucial for legal professionals to encourage their clients to obtain a desktop flood report for any property they are considering purchasing or taking a lease of.

Mr Mole added: “We strongly urge solicitors to recommend clients obtain a comprehensive flood report as standard practice. 

“Common myths, such as ‘I don’t live near a river or the coast so I can’t be flooded’ and ‘I live on a hill so it won’t happen to me’, need to be dispelled. 

“The flooding which occurred in Wales during June of this year took place in some areas that have not flooded in over 80 years. 

“Flash flooding is the most frequent type of flooding in the UK and, as demonstrated by the rainfall this summer, homes do not need to be near a river or the coast to be affected; it can happen anywhere to anyone, often with little warning.” 


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