Clients can reply to requisitions online via new portal

Clients can reply to requisitions online via new portal

For business customers, requisitions can now be responded to online, regardless of whether they were sent via post.

The service allows individuals who submitted an application through Land Registry portal or sent it by post, to reply to the requisition via their portal account. This is with the aim of improving the speed of the service provided, as well as consistency in the way requisitions are dealt with.

Requisitions are simply requests for information made to applicants in regards to missing or incomplete details within a registration document. Failing to supply this information may result in an application being cancelled.

Out of all registration applications, almost 20% require a requisition to be raised – half of which could have been avoided.

The service can be used without a requisition being received by the client. Any additional document or necessary information may be submitted, even after the original application was made.

In order to use the system, it is important for any relevant documents to be scanned. The next steps to use the system are as follows:

  • Firstly, ‘Reply to Requisition’ should be selected.
  • The application should then be identified. This can be done by using the title number or Land Registry reference of the original application as search criteria.
  • Documents can then be attached by using the ‘Choose file’ option.
    The correct certification statement must also be selected for each document, in order for the client to avoid further delays.
    As opposed to attaching documents, or merely in support of, explanatory notes can be added in order to provide a written response.
  • This process should be continued until all the necessary information has been attached, prior to submitting.

The service is currently not available for those who lodged their application using Business Gateway or Network Services.

Full details on how to use the ‘reply to requisition’ function can be found here.

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