Centralised Register for Local Land Charges set to Launch This Year

Centralised Register for Local Land Charges set to Launch This Year

A centralised digital register for Local Land Charges (LLC) is set to launch later this year.

In an announcement made earlier this month, HM Land Registry (HMLR) confirmed that they had begun to build the foundations for a national LLC Register, setting out plans to work with 26 local authorities having received approval from the Government.

Whilst the core aim of the new register is to remove the regional variations for LLC searches, HMLR also outlined their objectives on a long-term basis, which they aim to work towards during the first phase of data migration. As well as looking into how the information can be used more effectively, the organisation also intends to build their understanding of how to speed up searches, with a view to streamlining the process for professionals.

Whilst they are a key element of the conveyancing process, official Local Authority Searches were previously seen as a hindrance for professionals.  However, thanks to the growth of digitisation, the associated issues which often related to speed have been significantly reduced, with turnaround times now matching the accuracy of data provided.

Centralisation of this data will only further the improvements already made, with innovative businesses in the sector already collaborating with HMLR to streamline the delivery of search results, reducing cost and enhancing the flow of information.

Commenting on the upcoming launch of the new register was Lorenzo Tejada-Orrell. The Director at Big Property Data said: “It’s great to see that the foundations for a national Local Land Charges Register are underway. Centralisation of local authority data has been long overdue, so it’s brilliant to see that HM Land Registry are taking steps towards improving the overall process to benefit both professionals and consumers. In line with their innovative approach towards technology, it’s clear that they have the future of the process in mind, and how centralisation is ultimately a step towards improving this.

“Here at Big Property Data, we see the scheduled launch of the new Register as an incredibly positive change. Online search results are an essential part of the home buying process, and with professionals having to obtain a significant number of reports on a daily basis, anything which will help simplify the process will be beneficial.  It’s this key thinking which underpins the service which we at Big Property Data provide, with our innovative platform helping to streamline the search process for professionals. Front-runners in terms of bringing the most comprehensive information to our clients from a range of datasets, we aim to be among the first to offer access to the LLC1 Register to our customers.”

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