Could blockchain help improve the conveyancer/estate agent relationship?

Today's Conveyancer Podcast

Having achieved seed investment in Move Genius, Founder Hannah Nicholson joins host David Opie to discuss the direction of travel of technology in the conveyancing space. Creating a seamless journey for home movers, estate agents and conveyancers seems to be the holy grail, but with myriad technology solutions, how can we achieve a more joined […]

The differences between digital and electronic signatures and how best to implement them

Today's Conveyancer Podcast

In this podcast,  Alttaf Hussain and Valentina Dotto of Yoti join host David Opie to discuss electornic and digital signatures. At a time when the digitisation of legal services is under scrutiny, Alttaf and Valentina discuss the various types of electronic and digital signature available and walk us through the terminology. They also provide some […]

“Experian for property” portal aims to give people control of their data

Following the announcement that a Bristol-based start-up Propflo is raising £750k to power the next phase of its product development and growth plans, Today’s Conveyancer speaks with Founder and CEO Luke Loveridge about his plans for  creating a consumer focused platform designed to “give people control of their property data to better understand risks, protect […]

Cyber attacks in the legal sector

Cyber attacks in the legal sector

It can’t have escaped your notice the spate of highly publicised cyber attacks hitting the legal sector, Ward Hadaway, The Bar Council and Bar Standards Board and Tuckers have all been crippled making firms sit up and take notice. Types of attacks hitting the legal sector In the world of cybercrime Law firms’ data is […]

Index reveals the fastest and slowest regions to complete transactions

fastest and slowest UK regions to complete transactions

Five fastest and slowest areas in England and Wales to complete property purchases A new index has highlighted the fastest, and slowest, areas in the country for transaction times. The index calculates the average time it takes between the day when a property is marked as sold (subject to contract – SSTC) and the registration […]

Confessions of a cyber conveyancer

Confessions of a cyber conveyancer

Last Friday, I’d closed the office at 1.00pm because (a) it was Friday and (b) I had a round of golf to get in. I can do this because (a) we don’t care about our clients and (b) we are fundamentally bone-idle. It’s at this point that it dawned on me that this article is […]

The new normal: what does it really mean?

Today's Conveyancer Podcast

In a post-pandemic society “the new normal” has come to symbolise the way in which our personal and business lives have changed following the significant upheaval of the last 2 years. But what does a “new normal” mean in the property industry? Following a survey of over 700 property professionals we can reveal exactly what it means  […]

Smart contracts: the future?

smart contracts

Smart contracts providing security and performance across transnational agreements between multiple parties presents both their greatest advantage and disadvantage. If coded under agreed legal conditions, a specified jurisdiction and with no human error during its writing, smart contracts have a place in creating performance across borders, time-zones and businesses. Conversely, contracting across parties in multiple […]

Tech comparison index will enable conveyancers to benchmark against peers

Conveyancing firms will be able to compare their technology and digitisation against peers with the launch of the Digital Conveyancing Maturity Index by conveyancing technology platform provider InfoTrack.  Claimed to be an industry first, the index will survey the digital conveyancing capabilities of law firms to understand how digitally advanced their processes are or are […]

e-Conveyancing – lessons from Australia

The implosion of Boris Johnson’s government has seemingly put paid to any government intervention in the housing market as the industry contemplates its 11th Housing secretary in 12 years. Calls for intervention to support the implementation of a universal e-conveyancing solution have increased as the UK property market continues to struggle with the delays in […]

How to use up front information to the benefit of your conveyancing practice

Today's Conveyancer Podcast

With more information coming out about the planned National Trading Standards Estate and Letting Agency Team (NTSELAT) vision for making “material information” available up front for homebuyers, this latest Today’s Conveyancer podcast explores the knock on benefit for conveyancers. It is anticipated that by better understanding the full extent of the transaction at the outset, […]

Confessions of a cyber conveyancer

When you run a business that is completely reliant on technology, you’d like to think you’ve got the whole thing nailed down. Stuff like hot stand-by boxes, redundant disks, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), cloud-based infrastructure – it’s second nature, right? For those “just in case” moments. So there I was on Monday, looking forward to […]

LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions and Coadjute join forces

LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions and Coadjute join forces

Key partnership formed as rollout of national network for the UK property market continues to accelerate. Coadjute, the blockchain network for the property market that is transforming the ease and speed of home purchasing, has joined forces with LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, a leading provider of a flexible technology platform that powers optimised legal service delivery, […]

Competitions watchdog investigate Dye & Durham again

The Australian competitions watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have launched an investigation in to Dye & Durham’s acquisition of Link Administration Holdings, a 43% owner of e-conveyancing platform PEXA. In January 2022, Dye & Durham announced it had agreed to acquire Link for an estimated c$3.2bn. In a statement released on the […]

Confessions of a cyber conveyancer

Every now and again you get a brilliant idea. When it happens, like your birthday – you feel uniquely special for the rest of the day. You implement it and for a week or so you bask in the glow of your own assumed brilliance. Then it just becomes part of the day job and […]

LexisNexis Bellwether Report: legal tech is dividing firms

Many small law firms are thinking big when it comes to the tech they need to see them through another period of profound change. But the latest research from LexisNexis’ Bellwether report shows that 47% say they have no plans to invest in any technology at all. Today, LexisNexis Legal & Professional released the 10th […]

Open Banking: Protecting conveyancers from fraud

Today's Conveyancer Podcast

In this Today’s Conveyancer Podcast David Opie is joined by Cashroom’s Chris and Steven O’Day,  CEO and Head of Technology respectively and Tom Lyes, Head of Legal at Armalytix. The discussion centres on the opportunity presented by open banking in reducing the risk of fraud across the conveyancing transaction, from initial onboarding through to completion […]

Technology and the single platform conveyancing solution

Today's Conveyancer Podcast

In this Today’s Conveyancer podcast David Opie is joined by Peter Ambrose, Managing Director at The Partnership based in Guildford. Peter talks about his experience as a non-lawyer leading a law firm, and how his background in technology in the UK and America has led to him adopting a “technology first” approach at The Partnership. […]

Confessions of a cyber conveyancer

So there we were, sitting around, eating bonbons, adding features to our case management system, and generally feeling pretty confident with how we were leading the way in conveyancing technology. When suddenly, last Tuesday, a message popped up at the bottom of the browser on our screens. I can’t remember the words exactly but, roughly […]

PEXA develops new payment system and partners with ClearBank in remortgage platform

PEXA develops new payment system and partners with ClearBank in new remortgage platform

PEXA, the Australian-founded fintech that enabled the world’s first fully digitised property settlement process, today announces the successful development of a brand new payment scheme – PEXA Pay. At the same time, PEXA has partnered with ClearBank, the largest next generation clearing and embedded banking platform in the UK, to broaden access to its forthcoming […]