Keeping the search industry on its toes

Today's Conveyancer Podcast

The latest Today’s Conveyancer podcast welcomes on Kevin Johnson and Jeremy Dorkins to discuss their latest venture as founders of On Point Data, a new conveyancing search company launched in 2023. Following significant consolidation of the search market over the past 5 years we are starting to see new ventures enter the fray again. On […]

How can conveyancers prevent the risk of burnout in the workplace?

There’s no denying that conveyancing is a stressful career to navigate and workplace burnout may never be far away. It’s easy to ignore feelings of stress when days are hectic, but also crucial to step back occasionally and assess its impact on mental and physical health. Excessive workloads and constant work pressures make it ever […]

An honest appraisal of running a conveyancing practice

Today's Conveyancer Podcast

Running a busy conveyancing firm has its ups and down and you might have forgiven the latest guest on the Today’s Conveyancer podcast if he had packed his bags and walked away when he sold his stake in his law firm in 2019 12 years after he set it up in 2007. But Simon Thomas […]

World Mental Health Day; important resources

On Tuesday 10th October, World Mental Health Day 2023 takes place and this year’s theme is that ‘Mental health is a universal human right’. I can think of few people who wouldn’t agree with that and, in my view, any opportunity to raise awareness of mental health can only be a good thing, particularly in […]

Diary of a high street conveyancer: 9th October 2023

So what has happened in conveyancing world this week?   Well, I had a client who completed his house purchase in 2020 who emailed me to tell me that there was now an issue with the roof and asked if I could go back to the sellers’ solicitor to ask them about a contribution to […]

LEAP Modern Law Conveyancing Awards 2023 – Shortlist

LEAP Modern Law Conveyancing Awards 2023 – Shortlist We are thrilled to unveil the shortlist for the highly anticipated LEAP Modern Law Conveyancing Awards 2023. These awards celebrate excellence and innovation in the conveyancing field. Our esteemed panel of judges has meticulously reviewed submissions from across the industry, selecting outstanding individuals and firms who have […]

Work life matters: Communication

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard my clients’ people say “communication in our company isn’t very good”.  Now they may well mean what they say, but when I probe and ask for a bit more detail and nuance, it’s often lacking. Moaning about poor communication is sometimes the easy way out.  […]

The Perfect Lawyer

Today's Conveyancer Podcast

The latest Today’s Conveyancer podcast welcomes Simon McCrum to discuss the contents of his latest book “The Perfect Lawyer” with host David Opie. There isn’t much Simon McCrum doesn’t know about running a law firm having been there, done it, and got the t-Shirt. In this discussion Simon shares a little about his background and […]

Diary of a high street conveyancer: 2nd October 2023

I had an interesting turn of events in a transaction this week. All of those of us who work at the coal face of conveyancing know that no two days are ever the same and that is the joy of the job as well as being frustrating when unexpected time consuming events occur in a […]

Confessions of a cyber conveyancer

Data is the new oil. Upfront information is the silver bullet. Artificial intelligence will make everyone redundant. Spend any time on LinkedIn and having scrolled past the boxes of Roses, spaniels on office chairs and copies of illegible thank you notes – you’ll have been bombarded by many of these messages. It’s not that they […]

AI and conveyancing; the art of the possible

Today's Conveyancer Podcast

The latest Today’s Conveyancer podcast welcomes Orbital Witness CEO Ed Boulle on to discuss how the explosion of technologies using artificial intelligence is being harnessed to benefit conveyancing lawyers. Far from technology replacing lawyers, the work being done by organisations like Orbital Witness is designed to enhance the role of the lawyer say Ed; removing […]

Diary of a high street conveyancer: 25th September 2023

It can be tricky for those of us who work in the industry. We know that all parties in a chain and all professionals involved in the chain have to work together to achieve the clients’  dream of moving house.   But it can be difficult when we know what is going on behind the […]

Organising the biggest awards in the industry – the inside story

The ESTAS team and I are now on the final countdown to Friday 20th October.  Having run the event for twenty years now, the team and I have learned a lot about processes, time management and planning.  In fact, we don’t just apply those learnings in the few weeks in the lead up to ‘the […]

Diary of a high street conveyancer: 18th September 2023

I have been on holiday for a week – only a week, but I think we would all agree that in conveyancing land, a week is a long time. And is it really a holiday when you take your laptop with you and check emails sporadically throughout the day? When criticism is levelled at conveyancing […]

AML is acronym hell…

Today's Conveyancer Podcast

Following a break for the Summer, the Today’s Conveyancer Podcast returns with more insight and discussion from across the property profession. In this latest podcast host David Opie is joined by founder and Director Olly Thornton-Berry of Thirdfort, a “Know Your Client” (KYC) “Anti-Money Laundering” (AML) and “Source of Funds” (SoF) platform. The discussion centres […]

Upfront information and claims and liability

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to consider the background to and lessons to be learned since the introduction of the Home Report in Scotland in December 2008. In particular, the paper contains a consideration of what is now referred to as Up Front Information (“UFI”) and whether or not it has had an […]

Digital ID: The benefits of an efficient orchestration service

digital id

Anyone who has been through the homemoving process knows how repetitive and time-consuming the verification of identity process (“VOI”). Even with the introduction of digital ID providers into the market, the experience for consumers is still onerous where they might have to download multiple different digital identity apps and complete the same process multiple times. […]

Is the DPMSG necessary – and does it deserve the industry’s support?


In June next year, I will have been working in and around conveyancing for 50 years – half a century! I really enjoyed the first 20 or so years of my 30 years at the “coalface”. However, sadly, conveyancing is no longer what it was. In a recent survey, only 39 out of 202 conveyancers […]

Diary of a high street conveyancer: 28th August 2023

We all know that conveyancing seems to be getting more argumentative – the estate agent rings the bell and battle commences! But this week, something really positive happened in my conveyancing world and it led me to reflect on how things used to be done. I had completed the sale of a property some weeks […]