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Is this the best kept secret in conveyancing?

Many firms have heard about the Bold Legal Group (BLG) and the weekly information bulletins, but not as many have heard about the BLG online forum.

The Bold Legal Group is a membership association of nearly 700 law firms throughout England and Wales, and the weekly bulletins go to c. 5000 individual conveyancers.

However, just over three years age the founder of the BLG, ex-conveyancer Rob Hailstone, set up an online forum for members. It was a relatively slow burn with just under 500 registered users 12 months ago, but now the number of users is at over 1350 and is growing.

The majority of users are conveyancers, but the forum also receives regular input from SDLT experts, HM Land Registry, and compliance experts.

Rob says:

“The success of the forum is beyond anything I could have imagined. The help it provides to the BLG membership is (I am often told) invaluable. 99% of the time if a question is raised on anything from SDLT and The Building Safety Act to New Build Issues and Defective Leases responses will appear within the hour if not a few minutes.”

He added:

“Although some social medial platforms can be useful at times, they tend not to be private and are often used for less weighty issues than those raised on our forum. They also don’t have the experts on hand to assist when needed that we have.

It isn’t all heavy and serious though. For example, we have a funny – and sometimes brutal – conveyancing meme thread!”

If anyone would like a free trial month, please email Rob at

This article was submitted to be published by Bold Legal Group. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Conveyancer.

2 Responses

  1. Isn’t journalism meant to be impartial?
    The Real Conveyancing experts are elsewhere on Forums not charging money for opinions and advice.
    I know you won’t print this as bizarrely you offer that option but censor opinions you disagree with.
    This man is a businessman only not a conveyancer and should not be given free advertising in a way proper conveyancers cannot have.
    Your relationship is way too cosy which is why I am reporting it to the Legal services Board.

  2. Some interesting comments anonymous PROFESSIONAL conveyancer.

    All I will say is 700 firms and 5000 conveyancers love what the Bold Legal Group provides them with for a very modest membership fee.

    I also take it as a compliment you see me as a businessman, and whilst I agree that I am no longer a conveyancer, 30 years’ experience at the coal face does not disappear overnight. I would even go so far as to say, does not disappear ever.

    Free? You have no idea how the working relationship between TC and the BLG is structured.

    I think the Legal Services Board will be as concerned about your comments as I am.

    Feel free to email me so we can chat this through, and maybe clear the air:

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