#BCAwards2023 | Sponsor Spotlight: Conveyancing Foundation

The third edition of the British Conveyancing Awards is just around the corner. Alongside a new, larger venue and a new headline sponsor in Groundsure, #BCAwards2023 is all about recognising and rewarding the herculean efforts of conveyancing superheroes who, despite hurdles aplenty, continue to go above and beyond to help clients move into their dream home.

Ahead of the splendour and celebration on the 21st March, Today’s Conveyancer will recognise those who help make the event possible through a series of Q&A pieces. Here, we speak with the Conveyancing Foundation, Charity Partner of the British Conveyancing Awards 2023.

First of all, tell us who you are and what you do

The Conveyancing Foundation is a zero-profit registered charity whose purpose is to enhance the lives of those in the conveyancing industry and to support charity fundraising initiatives. This year we look forward to launching new surveys, reports, and best practice information to further support wellbeing and change in the property industry and we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Charity Grant which will support and engage with industry driven Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, raising tens of thousands of pounds for charity.

Additionally, we operate a successful Charity lotto whilst also participating in a range of fundraising activities and challenges. This has enabled us to raise over hundreds of thousands of pounds for good causes and in 2023 our charity fundraising is set to reach £1 million!

Could you explain the formation and success of the “Be Kind We Care” initiative, and why it continues to be so crucial to those it supports?

Be Kind We Care (BKWC) was launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the property industry. Conveyancers and other industry professionals were facing increased pressure, unmanageable workloads and a quickly changing professional landscape, which often culminated in difficult working environments and hostile encounters with other professionals. BKWC has been successfully combatting these issues by providing trusted resources that support good mental health and wellbeing and responsible leadership and by creating a more united and harmonious property industry by promoting an ethos of professional collaboration and understanding.

The Foundation recognises the significance of mental health in the property industry and beyond. It is vital that we look after ourselves and each other to ensure that our safety and wellbeing are paramount in both our professional and personal lives. Many of us are all too familiar with the devastating effects of mental health conditions, stress, burnout etc., which is why BKWC is fundamental in setting the standard to industry leaders and supporting those who require trusted resources and tools to help them in maintaining their overall positive wellbeing.

The Foundation’s fundraising total of nearly £950,000 is astounding – how do you feel in light of such incredible support for the Foundation’s initiatives?

We are humbled by the support and generosity the Foundation has received, which demonstrates the truly good nature of our industry. We have worked with so many wonderful members, individuals, charities, and partners, who must be commended for their commitment to helping others. In 2022, the Foundation donated £130,716.25 to a variety of deserving organisations. This simply could not have been achieved with the support of our industry peers. The Charity Lotto is integral to our fundraising for other organisations and worthy causes, and we are so pleased to see the scheme being adopted by legal practices across the UK. Our Lotto Members are demonstrating the effectiveness of the Lotto in terms of charity fundraising and engagement. All legal practices, estate agents, and mortgage brokers are very welcome to use the Lotto to raise funds for their chosen charities – please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What is your message to those working in the conveyancing profession for 2023 and beyond?

Each one of us can make a positive difference, but when we work together, that difference becomes immeasurable. That is why we are reaching out to new “Conveyancing Foundation Partners” to join us in our endeavour of enhancing the lives of those in the property industry and to deliver incredible charity fundraising efforts to help those that need our support. We believe the best way of doing this is to work with likeminded experts and key stakeholders from within the industry; together we can continue to make a lasting difference within our industry. We are so very proud and humbled by the fundraising that we have achieved so far and by widening our support base, we can achieve even more.

Aside from the fantastic work done by organisations such as yourselves, what can those within the profession do to support each other during difficult times?

Approach any situation from a position of empathy. An exchange of empathy provides an entry point for honest discussion, and as a result, progression, and positive change. We would encourage anyone facing challenges to seek support from a friend, colleague, family member, or any trusted person in their lives. There is a wealth of resources available on our Be Kind We Care web page, and organisations such as LawCare and Agents Together work tirelessly in ensuring people in our industry are protected and supported.

Additionally, anyone can access free, unbiased, and confidential support from a number of charitable organisations. Click here to access a comprehensive list of UK based support lines.

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