Are you still working the “old fashioned way”?

Are you still working the “old fashioned way”?

I recently saw the following article on my twitter feed and instantly thought “How Interesting?”  Have a read and see what you think.
A Blast from the Past – A Century of Conveyancing
Records published online today have revealed the prices of some of Central London’s most notable properties — from a century ago!
The website has digitised the National Land Survey from 1910, which shows the valuations for some of the Capital’s historic landmarks.
Anyone with a time machine handy can travel back a hundred years and snap up the Bank of England for £110,000 or even the Old Bailey — an absolute bargain at £6,000!
The price for an average property in central London stood at £14,000 — a tiny fraction of the whopping £430,000 of today.
All this looking back into the murky depths of history has got 1st Property Lawyers wondering…2011 looks set to be a revolutionary year for the conveyancing industry, so how does the 21st Century conveyancing process compare to the conveyancing process of a century ago?
For starters, you’d have had to visit a fairly intimidating solicitors office, who would have squeezed your conveyancing case in between all the other cases, from all other areas of law, he happened to be handling at the time (actually, that hasn’t changed much for some conveyancing solicitors firms!)
The conveyancing solicitor would have spent hours poring through the original, handwritten, title deeds, without the aid of computer databases, the internet or even a fax machine!
This will of course have added to the costs of conveyancing, with some solicitors even prolonging conveyancing transactions to eek more money out of their clients.
Fast forward to 2011 and, with 1st Property Lawyers, the conveyancing process has been transformed!
The rise of online conveyancing firms has been meteoric, helping movers reduce the time, money and, most importantly, stress of the conveyancing process.
Nowadays, movers with 1st Property Lawyers can benefit from real time updates on all aspects of their conveyancing transaction — whether it be via text message, email or even online case tracking. Plus, with the enhanced online conveyancing service, all of our clients can see what’s happening at every stage of the conveyancing process, simply by logging in.
Movers can even access their conveyancing documents and letters via their mobile phone — something that would have seemed like witchcraft back in 1910!
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