3 in 4 movers “satisfied” with home moving experience

3 in 4 home movers indicated they were “satisfied” with their home moving experience, although “a faster move” and “more frequent communication” featured highly on ways to improve to the conveyancing process. 1 in 3 UK adults would consider themselves to be aware of what conveyancing is; and recommendation remains the largest route to market for conveyancers and property solicitors, whether that is family and friends, estate agents or mortgage brokers.

The sentiment has been taken from a survey conducted by the Home Owners Alliance as part of National Conveyancing Week (NCW), which runs from 11th March to 15th March 2024. A full report will be published as part of the week’s activities.

An outline agenda has also been released as plans for the week ramp up. As with 2023 the week introduces a range of themes and agenda items that get to the heart of the challenges facing the profession. Conveyancers and supporters will be able to join the on and offline events, ask questions and get involved either live or on-demand.

Alongside the survey, other key themes for the week include progress on creating a digital property market, the current economic conditions and their impact on the property sector in 2024 and beyond, and mental health and wellbeing in the profession. NCW is made possible by the generous contributions of sponsors who are listed on the NCW website.

An opportunity for a change in the way conveyancers offer their services

The week will also tackle the work being done to provide material and up front information to consumers at the start of the transaction; a drive described by James Munro, Head of the National Trading Standards Estate and Lettings Agents Team (NTSELAT), as an “opportunity for a change in the way conveyancers offer their services” in a recent podcast with Today’s Conveyancer.

A range of resources are available on the National Conveyancing Week website to help firms engage with the week and promote their own involvement with organisers encouraging firms to promote their involvement in NCW by sharing their support on websites, social networks, newsletters and blogs, email correspondence, marketing and public relations activity.

Firms can also register appear as a Supporter on the NCW website and receive a promotional box to decorate their offices and promote their involvement in the week by sending their logo and address to info@conveyancingweek.co.uk

One standout success from the 2023 event was the “Collaboration Coffee Morning” during which firms were encouraged to open their doors and welcome referrers, mortgage brokers, estate agents and the public into the business to show them more about the day to day role of a conveyancer. “Lunch and learn” and “meet the team” events were held throughout the week with presentations on leasehold, lenders, indemnity insurance, SDLT, and AML. Firms will be encouraged to conduct similar events in 2024 on Wednesday 13th March. Should firms wish to raise money for a local charity, the Conveyancing Foundation, charity partner of National Conveyancing Week, will match contributions as part of their support for the week.

“One of the key features of National Conveyanicng Week is the ability to get involved as much or as little as you want,”

Says Rob Hailstone, CEO of Bold Legal Group and one of the organisers of National Conveyancing Week.

“The events are designed to be watched at your desk so we’re not interfering hugely with the day to day work that needs to be done.”

The core objectives of National Conveyancing Week are to Inform; Educate; Assist; Motivate; Reassure; Help recruit new entrants; Improve the profile of conveyancers and conveyancing and ensure fees can be set at and kept at an acceptable level. If you are interested in supporting and/or sponsoring National Conveyancing Week 2024 please reach out to info@conveyancingweek.co.uk.

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  1. I wonder if the question:

    ‘We’re you satisfied with the time you got the keys to your new property?’

    Was on that list?

  2. One of the best spin-offs last year was the way in which High Street solicitors opened their doors to their local communities. We don’t need to look far to see the great community work carried out by solicitors. These open days give great opportunity for the public to see what support to expect in such a wide range of services the legal teams provide. That human touch.

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