2011 a year of winners and losers

2011 a year of winners and losers

Data from the Land Registry shows just how much things are changing in the conveyancing market.
A year ago the conveyancer registering the largest number of transfers for value was Countrywide Property Lawyers who registered 885 applications however a year on whilst the large licensed conveyancer has been surpassed by the first ABS My Home Move who in November 2011 registered 1061 applications.
In November 2010 the top ten largest conveyancers completed 3628 applications to Land Registry representing 6% of all applications.  By November 2011 the top ten completed 4234 applications representing 8% of all applications for transfers for value.  This represents a significant change where the large firms are getting larger and the smallest firms are leaving the market.
New firms in the top ten include Runnett and Co a South Wales based licensed conveyancer, Birchall Blackburn and Cook Taylor Woodhouse.
Firms dropping out of the top ten include Barnetts, Blacks and EMW Picton Howell.
The sheer number of firms has also changed significantly with 5600 firms making applications this time last year with only 4600 making applications in November 2011.
If you are concerned as to whether your firm should continue to conduct conveyancing we can offer you free support and advice in terms of your options.
Today’s Conveyancer uses the Freedom of Information Act to obtain this data and if you want to learn what volume of applications every conveyancer with an account at the Land Registry is making every month we can supply this information to you at a very modest cost.  Please contact [email protected] for further information.

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