Today’s Training is hosting their inaugural webinar covering the topic of phishing and social engineering.

Webinar: Protecting Your Law Firm From Phishing Attacks

Is your law firm prepared for the incessant bombardment of phishing attempts?

Today’s Training’s inaugural webinar on understanding the threat of email-based attacks could help prevent your law firm from falling foul of cyber criminals.

The legal sector is a prime target for unscrupulous cyber criminals. Lured in by the abundance of sensitive data and significant amounts of client money.

100 per cent of the top ten law firms suffered at least one phishing attack last year with all firms placing phishing in their top three most frequently attempted attacks, according to the PWC ‘Law Firms’ Survey 2019’.

Today’s Training, part of the Practical Vision Network, are hosting a vital educational webinar aimed at supporting people who want to understand the basics of phishing and social engineering.

According to the ‘Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019’, 32% of UK businesses and 22% of charities were victims of data breaches or cyber attacks last year. Of these organisations, phishing emails were identified as the most common threat with 80% of businesses and 81% of charities stating they’d suffered at the hand of these attacks.

This vital webinar is hosted by Jen Williams, Head of IT and Security Specialist at the Practical Vision Network. She will cover:

  • What information a cyber criminal can see about you
  • What social engineering is, and understanding the methods and impact it can have on your organisation
  • How to identify a phishing attempt and what to do if you discover one
  • Understanding typical reconnaissance methods employed by successful attackers
  • How to protect your data if you fall foul of a phishing attempt

This information is crucial for all, regardless of whether you are a managing partner, fee earner or work in a support or admin role within a law firm. Shielding the law firm, its clients and third parties from the cyber threat is a collective responsibility.

At just £50 plus VAT, this educational webinar will ensure ell employees are fully informed to best support and protect your clients in order to offer a thorough and professional service.

Don’t let the unknown threat put your law firm’s reputation at risk, book your place on the webinar here.

Phishing & Social Engineering

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