US provider hopes to start UK legal services revolution

US provider hopes to start UK legal services revolution

Rocket Lawyer is launching a UK first as it offers all consumers access to free legal services for three days.

They started in the USA and are now the most widely used online legal service in America.

The firm hopes to replicate this in the UK. The service is the only completely online legal service in the UK.

Rocket Lawyer combines easy-to-use legal documents and access to a wide network of specialist lawyers from around the UK, which they call their ‘On Call’ lawyers.

Mark Edwards, Vice President and General Manager of Rocket Lawyer UK said: “We know that access to the current legal system is daunting and expensive.

“Increasingly, people are turning to the web to find answers to their legal issues, so we are proud to be introducing to the UK for the first time a complete online legal service that is both affordable and simple.”

There is one complete membership plan whether you want to create legal documents yourself or need help from a lawyer.

The service is free of charge for a three day trial period after which £25 per month will give you access to; unlimited legal documents, one free 30 minute consultation with an On Call lawyer per month and a pre-negotiated discount of up to 33% on all additional legal fees.

Customers are able to create, download, print, edit, share and e-sign documents at any documents like employment contracts, confidentiality agreements and health and safety policies. 

What do you think of Rocket Lawyers business model? What impact do you think it will have on conveyancing?

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