Today’s Talk: The Conveyancing Process (Part 1)

Today’s Talk: The Conveyancing Process (Part 1)

This week we’ll be focusing on the conveyancing process.

You may have heard we have launched Today’s Talk – our new video series that gets your important questions answered.

Each week, we pose a different question to a range of conveyancing and legal professionals – including technology experts, insurers, industry regulators, as well as conveyancers themselves.

In this latest episode, we hear from a number of experts on what they think of the current conveyancing process and how it could be adapted moving forward.  Today, we hear from:

  • Darren Cox, Bold Legal Group and former Ombudsman at The Legal Ombudsman
  • Gerry Archer, Commercial Director at Bonafidee
  • Rob Hailstone, Founder of Bold Legal Group
  • Trevor Hellawell, ExL Practice Development

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