Toby Perkins questions Secretary of State

Toby Perkins questions Secretary of State

Toby Perkins, Shadow Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills (DBIS), recently put a question to the current Minister of State for DBIS concerning conveyancing and the Land Registry’s plans for e-Mandation and self-service.

Perkins asked: ‘what assessment he has made of the effect on (a) conveyancers and (b) small and medium-sized enterprises of a change in the Land Registry’s trading status to a Government Owned Company and implementation of the Land Registry plans for e-Mandation and self-service.’

The Secretary of State’s answer was: ‘The proposals in the consultation on the introduction of a Land Registry service delivery company are being considered against the option of remaining as is, and no decisions will be taken until all responses have been considered. As part of considering the consultation responses Government will be considering potential effects on interested parties (including conveyancers and small and medium-sized enterprises).

‘The way in which some Land Registry services are delivered will likely change as a result of the implementation of the Business Strategy. Land Registry will engage with customers as and when it introduces new services.’ Source: and Hansard

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