TM bulk ordering service saves firm considerable time and cost.

TM bulk ordering service saves firm considerable time and cost.

TM Group, the large conveyancing information business, has recently helped a large firm save time and money on an urgent piece of work on a property portfolio.
A conveyancer who needed 600 OC1 searches urgently was recently able to avoid manual processing and saved 40 hours of labour cost to complete a request for searches for a large property portfolio within 48 hours.. Since Land Registry no longer accepts bulk applications, TM Group has proved it has a valuable alternative for the firms are coming to rely on this service
Many firms still like to have hard copy paper OS1s particularly when working on large portfolios but obtaining physical copies can be challenging when a client wants their service delivered immediately.  When the portfolio comprises of  600 searches it can take some time to obtain these from Land Registry. Ordering a single search manually may only take around 4 minutes but this time adds up on larger requests.  For one firm this amounted to around 40 hours which equates to a solid week of constant effort, when there are a large quantity to complete. And each result still has to be printed and filed into the case.
The Land Registry no longer offers a bulk application service for Official Copies (OC1), SIM and OS1 priority searches. However, as a recent customer discovered, using TM Group’s unique automated service, simply emailing a completed order form on a Thursday morning, was enough to place the request with TM and, within just 2 days, all the searches had been ordered, printed and returned to their desk.
This large law firm  told TM:  “we were under a lot of pressure to manage this matter quickly for our client. If we had had to order all the searches ourselves, it would have taken at least a week. Using TM’s Portfolio Service is invaluable, it saved us both time and money for our client and meant that we could concentrate on other elements of the case without worrying about the administration effort needed to manage these searches.”

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