Thousands have their say on solicitors' standards

Thousands have their say on solicitors' standards

More than 4,000 people have already had their say in a national campaign looking at what should happen when solicitors fall short of expected standards.

‘A Question of Trust’, launched two months ago by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), uses scenarios based on real-life cases to ask how seriously the issues are and what action should be taken.

The consultation runs until the end of January and campaign highlights so far include:

  • 18 events with around 1,400 attendees (including the public, profession, politicians and special interest groups), which featured interactive voting sessions
  • Public and profession online survey, which has already had 1,342 responses
  • Twitter polls, which have seen 1,636 answers
  • almost 3,000 visitors to the Question of Trust online toolkit for firms, a ‘take home’ product used by firms to explore the issues in the office with their staff
  • a pre-consultation survey with 700 solicitors giving their views.

Jane Malcolm, SRA Executive Director for External Affairs, said: “We have been bowled over by the response. Both the public and solicitors have taken a real interest and are sharing their views. Their ideas, votes and comments will feed into our new reference framework and regulatory model, helping us to deliver consistent and robust decisions.

“People have been enthusiastic about our accessible and interactive approach and I hope that we will receive lots more input before we close the consultation at the end of next month.”

The consultation runs until 31st January 2016. Visit to find out more.

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