The Bold Legal Group grows to 300 members

The Bold Legal Group grows to 300 members

Nottingham Solicitors Rothera Dowson have become the Bold Legal Group’s (BLG) 300th member firm. Kathryn Simpson, Head of Residential Conveyancing, said:

"Having recently moved firms, one of the first things that I did on arriving at Rothera Dowson was to recommend membership of the BLG. I find the daily bulletins from Rob Hailstone an invaluable management tool which helps me and my team to keep abreast of risk management issues and developments in the conveyancing market. The strength of the BLG will continue to grow as its membership increases which is a vital means of support to all conveyancing firms – giving them a national voice on important issues."

Rob Hailstone, ex conveyancer and the founder of the BLG says:

"I set up the BLG after the closure of my HIP business. At the time I had no clear idea of what I really wanted to achieve, but I knew I wanted to help conveyancing firms tackle the problems and issues they have to deal with on a daily basis. Our first real task was dealing with the HSBC cull. I then summarised the 700 page SRA Handbook and got to grips with the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme.

"With 300 member firms of all shapes and sizes I don’t think there is an issue we haven’t, or won’t encounter. However, I can only do so much on my own. The daily input from the majority of our members is vital and keeps the discussions lively and relevant. In addition, we now work closely with over a dozen lenders and I have even managed to help get a few firms back on some panels."

Tracey Carr, Financial Crime Manager, Santander says: "I met Rob a couple of years ago and have been receiving a copy of his bulletins ever since. As a lender, seeing the amount and quality of the information and advice provided reassures me that his member firms are as knowledgeable and as informed as any other firms out there. He recently distributed to his members, an article I wrote on Property Hijacking. Whilst we might not always see eye to eye, but we always have healthy and productive discussions."

Rob continued: "As an ex conveyancer who regularly worked 80 hours a week, I appreciate how hard my members have to work. I also appreciate and love my new role and will work tirelessly to help BLG members get a fair deal. With compulsory CPD ending, Veyo and Lender Exchange on the horizon I know the next few years will be challenging. I will do my utmost to make sure BLG members are as well informed and updated as is humanly possible."

The final word goes to Dinesh Raja of Legal500 firm Bowling & Co: "Rob’s bulletins hit my email before 8.00 am every weekday morning, come rain or shine. I know when SRA Fraud/Scam Alerts are issued, Law Society Practice Notes are released and money laundering and property fraud matters surface. Our fee earners find the bulletins very useful. In my opinion, BLG membership is the best value membership for conveyancing firms that money can buy. Rob is our eyes and ears, 24/7! In today’s fast moving world that is a great help."


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