Technology is raising standards in conveyancing

Technology is raising standards in conveyancing

John Espley, LEAP UK CEO, explains how conveyancers are using the latest technology and the LEAP Best Practice Standard to enhance their customer service and to win new business.

The UK housing market remains remarkably buoyant, due to government measures such as the Stamp Duty holiday and government backed 5% deposit scheme. As with all business, more and more property transactions are being undertaken online, and the development of new technologies is a key driver in enabling conveyancing firms to deliver excellent customer service.

Throughout the pandemic conveyancers and clients alike are taking advantage of the service elements that digital conveyancing can provide. Technology allows conveyancers to bring transactions from instruction to completion whilst improving the speed, quality and accuracy of the customer service given.

Onboarding a new client is one of the most arduous elements of the conveyancing process. Obtaining information for identity and anti-money laundering compliance checks and details regarding the property can significantly delay the process at the start of a transaction. A quick onboarding procedure for the consumer is of paramount importance to have a transaction up and running quickly. Self-service online tools allow the client to complete upfront property information online (such as the TA6) through an elegant, consumer-friendly interface which records the data directly back to the conveyancer’s practice management system. Such solutions hold the key to speeding up the initial stages of the client journey.

By conducting the onboarding process online clients are interacting with the conveyancing firm digitally from day one. With a firm providing the client an online portal where they can access their matter documents, financial statements and even pay their bills, this sets the scene for the process to be undertaken digitally from beginning to end of the transaction. This reduces the length of total time taken for the transaction to be completed, improving client satisfaction, the reputation of the firm and profitability. It also reduces input errors as the client is responsible for the accurate entry of their own data.

By optimising the use of new technology, conveyancing firms are able to generate efficiencies at all stages of the property transaction. Prospective clients are seeing the adoption of such digital capabilities as essential when selecting a conveyancing provider.

Progressive law firms are now building their brands and marketing themselves on the basis of providing this powerful end-to-end digital service.

One commitment LEAP is making to its client base is the Best Practice Standard. Launched in 2017 over 140 firms using LEAP software have now achieved a quality standard in conveyancing, an accreditation achieved through their use of LEAP’s innovative technology and that of its integration partner InfoTrack, delivering outstanding service which brings many benefits to both client and a practice.

Conveyancing firms accredited with the LEAP Best Practice Standard (BPS) take active steps to provide a high standard of service and adhere to best practice through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Receiving regular, remote and independent audits ensures standards are maintained, improving communication, streamlining processes and generating cost savings and efficiencies to the benefit of their clients and in some instances the risk mitigation provided has been seen positively by insurers.

LEAP client Mike Leeman of Bell Lamb and Joynson Solicitors comments:

“The LEAP Best Practice Standard gives our clients reassurance that we as a firm maintain independently assessed high standards, transparency and a modern technology-based approach to their conveyancing.”

This article was submitted to be published by LEAP Legal Software as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Conveyancer. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Conveyancer.

LEAP Legal Software









Developed with small to mid-sized law firms in mind. LEAP helps generate efficiencies, profit and improve the service of legal practices.

LEAP’s innovative features help drive automation and ensures non-billable tasks can be completed with speed and accuracy across the most common areas of law including conveyancing. LEAP’s features include:

  • A library of automated conveyancing forms including Land Registry and HMRC.
  • Quick and accurate automation of complex documents such as a completion statement
  • Integrated legal searching allowing you to order all searches directly from the matter.
  • An online Web Portal that allows conveyancers to engage and communicate with existing clients, manage incoming enquiries and generate new business with ease.

With an annual investment of more than £12 million a year into R&D, LEAP works closely with their clients to inform the delivery of cutting-edge, feature-rich, yet affordable software.

Being a cloud-based solution, LEAP allows you to run your entire law firm from one application, simplifies IT requirements and its mobile app provides conveyancing professionals the freedom to work anytime, anywhere via any device.

LEAP makes compliance a natural consequence of running your practice and achieving the LEAP Best Practice Standards helps to achieve the very highest standards of conveyancing, ensuring compliance and reduce the recognised risk associated with practising conveyancing.

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