SRA warning: misuse of Irwin Mitchell brand

SRA warning: misuse of Irwin Mitchell brand

The SRA has warned that a conman using the name of top law firm Irwin Mitchell has been e-mailing members of the public in an attempt to obtain personal details.

A number of individuals across the country have been sent letters fraudulently claiming to be from Irwin Mitchell LLP and alleging that the recipient has been involved in the distribution of counterfeit clothing.

These letters are signed by a Paul Redmond and include a telephone line for the victim to call. Paul Redmond is not an employee of Irwin Mitchell LLP nor is he a solicitor authorised and regulated by the SRA.

The telephone number included in the fake letters 0161 850 1222 is not a genuine contact telephone number of Irwin Mitchell LLP.

Any unsolicited communications purportedly from Irwin Mitchell LLP regarding involvement in the distribution of counterfeit clothing or any other unsolicited communication with dubious authenticity should be reported to Irwin Mitchell LLP at [email protected].

Any information about or dealings with "Paul Redmond” or any suspected fraudulent communications using the Irwin Mitchell brand, particularly if it involves the payment of money should be reported to the police.

Irwin Mitchell LLP are a genuine firm of solicitors authorised and regulated by the SRA.

The firm have posted their own warning about hoax communications and for further information please see their website at the following link:

The public are reminded that scams of this type may use different names, other than Paul Redmond.

Solicitors who believe they have been contacted by someone posing as a solicitor should report the matter to the SRA red alert line on 0845 850 0999 or [email protected].

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