SRA warning:

SRA warning: [email protected]

The SRA have issued a warning regarding the email address [email protected] and mobile telephone number 07700097969.

These are not legitimate contact details for solicitors practice Act Family Law.

The SRA has been informed that a number of individuals have been sent emails purportedly from Ian Downing of Act Family Law from email address “[email protected]” relating to obtaining the benefit of an abandoned investment.

Act Family Law is a genuine firm which is authorised and regulated by the SRA and Ian Downing a solicitor and recognised sole practitioner of Act Family Law. The firm’s office is located at 8 The Crescent, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 3AB and the firm’s genuine telephone number is 01752 226224.

Any business or transactions through the email address of [email protected], or via the telephone number 07700097969 are not undertaken by a solicitor’s practice or an individual authorised or regulated by the SRA.

Any information about or dealings with individuals via the email address [email protected] or telephone number 07700097969, particularly if it involves the payment of money, should be reported to the police.

Affected members of the public can also report the matter to the SRA via [email protected]. Solicitors should report the matter to the SRA red alert line on 0845 8500999 or [email protected]

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