SRA respond to Legal Education and Training Review

SRA respond to Legal Education and Training Review

The SRA have responded to the report released today that looked at whether reform to the current system of legal education and training is required.

They have said the report will be invaluable in driving the future programme of reforms for the SRA. Charles Plant, Chair of the SRA Board, explained that the SRA’s programme of reforms to education and training would always be driven by three overarching aims:

– that clients and the public should have the highest confidence in the quality and integrity of legal services

– that organisations providing legal services should be able to employ lawyers with the skills needed to deliver those services

– that people with the ability to practise law, whatever their background, should be able to obtain the education and training they need in a way which encourages excellence and diversity.

Mr Plant said of the report: "The high quality of legal services protects individuals, enables effective business transactions and secures global competitive advantage for the UK.

“Our education and training system underpins that high quality, but the environment in which legal services are delivered has changed and is changing.

"The report indicates areas that need addressing if we are to ensure that legal education and training remain fit for purpose in the radically altering world of legal services, nationally and internationally.

"The SRA needs to ensure that it is setting the right standards for modern legal practice for solicitors and others delivering legal services, that it is using effective mechanisms to assure the standards which it sets, and that it is not imposing unnecessary restrictions.”

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