Sponsor Spotlight: The Society of Licensed Conveyancers

Sponsor Spotlight: The Society of Licensed Conveyancers

The British Conveyancing Awards, sponsored by Dye & Durham, simply would not happen without the support of the industry.

Thank you to all those who have entered and sponsored the event which this year is hosted as a hybrid event; with an in person ceremony at the stunning Church House in London, simultaneously live streamed via The British Conveyancing Awards website.

Our 2022 ceremony is a departure from the focus of the 2021 awards. To simply repeat the 2021 awards would miss the point of where the conveyancing industry is going. We are entering a different phase for conveyancers with a flatter market, increasing on and offline fraud risks, PII, the balance of flexible working and continued digitisation all presenting new and different challenges.

Our 2022 categories and supporters reflect this shift in emphasis and we’re delighted to introduce them through a series of Supporter in Focus pieces. Alongside “Legal Supplier of the Year” sponsors The Society of Licensed Conveyancers https://www.conveyancers.org.uk/ we look forward to recognising the very best our industry has to offer.

First of all, tell us who you are and what you do

The Society of Licensed Conveyancers (SLC) is the professional body for licensed conveyancers. We represent the interests of the profession, engage with our regulator, the CLC, and offer our members and their practices a wide range of benefits. We are the only professional body that is focused solely on the discipline of conveyancing.

What prompted you to support The British Conveyancing Awards (again) this year?

We believe that conveyancers are greatly undervalued in the extraordinary job that they do for home buyers and sellers, and the SLC will always take every opportunity to support and recognise the profession and celebrate success wherever possible. It is particularly the case following the extraordinary year that 2021 turned out to be.

Why did “Legal Supplier of the Year” stand out for you as one to throw your support behind?

Key to the service that conveyancers provide, is the role that their suppliers play in so many ways, be it in the provision of information, technology solutions, training and development, or insurance – or indeed many other services. We believe it is really important to recognise this.

How do you see the 2022 conveyancing market shaping up?

Whilst the artificial stimuli that caused a frenetic market place in 2021 are thankfully a thing of the past, it is pretty clear that the impact of Covid is still fuelling a strong demand by home movers to relocate. The SLC believes that 2022 will be a busy year, but perhaps reverting to more normal seasonal cycles, making it easier to plan and causing less stress on the profession.

What changes or improvements do you see need to be made in the conveyancing sector over the next 12-18 months?

Working from home became a catalyst for greater adoption of the use of technology and it is important that the momentum which has been built up does not dissipate, in fact that it continues to grow. There is clearly an appetite for improving the consumer experience in home buying and selling across the sector and conveyancers must play a full part in this

What are you doing to lead or be part of that change?

The SLC will continue to support its members across the board in a variety of ways that include promoting the continued adoption and use of appropriate technology, working with stakeholders across the sector to improve processes and interfaces that connect with other professions and industries, offering training, seminars and events (including the renowned SLC Conference in Derby) and maintaining and further developing the excellent SLC library of Client and Process Guides.

Do you have any messages for the sector and the firms and individuals entering this year’s awards?

Well done in 2021 in a year that held unparalleled challenges for all conveyancers and those that support them – and good luck!

Thank you to the Society of Licensed Conveyancers for their support at The British Conveyancing Awards 2022.

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