Sponsor Spotlight: Minerva

Sponsor Spotlight: Minerva

The British Conveyancing Awards, sponsored by Dye & Durham, simply would not happen without the support of the industry.

Thank you to all those who have entered and sponsored the event which this year is hosted as a hybrid event; with an in person ceremony at the stunning Church House in London, simultaneously live streamed via The British Conveyancing Awards website.

Our 2022 ceremony is a departure from the focus of the 2021 awards. To simply repeat the 2021 awards would miss the point of where the conveyancing industry is going. We are entering a different phase for conveyancers with a flatter market, increasing on and offline fraud risks, PII, the balance of flexible working and continued digitisation all presenting new and different challenges.

Our 2022 categories and supporters reflect this shift in emphasis and we’re delighted to introduce them through a series of Supporter in Focus pieces. Alongside Customer Service Champion sponsors Minerva www.minervaportal.com we look forward to recognising the very best our industry has to offer.

First of all, tell us who you are and what you do

Minerva is an intelligent client onboarding solution for  law firms of all shapes and sizes. We provide a truly digital experience for the client who can;  instruct their law firm, complete forms , provide ID, complete Source of funds via Open Banking and pay monies on account. All from the comfort of their own home and in record time.

What prompted you to support The British Conveyancing Awards (again) this year?

Its important to recognise the efforts of conveyancers in what has been a testing two year period. Many firms have risen to the challenge and recognising that feat is a great way of giving something back.

Why did Customer Service Champion stand out for you as one to throw your support behind?

There is much focus on technology, systems and procedures but at the end of the day home movers simply want great customer service. Those who can deliver this will always come out a winner and we have built our business on exactly the same principles.

How do you see the 2022 conveyancing market shaping up?

Overall transaction levels will undoubtedly be lower than last year with the numbers of property on the market being a drag on transactions. Without the artificial highs and lows created by stamp duty holidays, the market will return to a more normal cycle giving law firms the opportunity to reassess how they do business and what they can do to improve life for both clients and their staff.

What changes or improvements do you see need to be made in the conveyancing sector over the next 12-18 months?

There is much that could be done, but in reality the major changes may need legislation and this is highly unlikely anytime soon. So it’s down to individual firms to look for those incremental gains that can help the whole process. Things like Source of Funds reports and Facial Recognition ID will become the norm as they take away hours of admin for individual fee earners.

What are you doing to lead or be part of that change?

Minerva look to partner with law firms and provide ongoing help and support in all manner of areas. We are not here just to sell you a product and move on. We are on first name terms with all of our customers and believe in quality of relationship rather than quantity.

Do you have any messages for the sector and the firms and individuals entering this year’s awards?

Well done to those who have prospered over the last two years and we are sure your efforts will be rewarded both at these awards and as we move forward. The world does not stand still and those who embrace change and adopt new business practices will be the long term winners.

Thank you to Minerva for their support at The British Conveyancing Awards 2022.

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