#SolicitorHour – social media for legal professionals

#SolicitorHour – social media for legal professionals

#SolicitorHour is the legal profession’s dedicated hour on Twitter, where Law Society members and practitioners are given this time to engage with the public, peers, colleagues and professional bodies in a public forum dedicated to compliancy and other related issues. Many professions have a similar social media "event", allowing for direct communication between practitioners.

Law firms and solicitors are becoming increasingly active on social media, engaging with potential clients and customers as well as giving their advice and opinions on legal stories. With an already active audience willing to get involved, the idea for #SolicitorHour was born.

The twice-weekly #SolicitorHour is part of the Law Society’s autumn and winter #UseAProfessional campaign. The campaign is designed to raise the public profile of professional solicitors across England and Wales, as well as promoting the Law Society’s Find a Solicitor service.

Every Tuesday and Thursday between 1pm and 2pm, using the hashtag #SolicitorHour, solicitors and members of the public can post legal questions, opinions, ideas, insights and answer others. The majority of the conversation takes place between these times, but anybody can access the hashtag at any time to see the conversation and join in themselves.

Since the first #SolicitorHour was launched at the beginning of September, the Law Society have reported that over 4,300 tweets have been sent using the hashtag. The society have also found over 750 solicitors and legal professionals have joined the conversation, and over 1.2 million Twitter users have seen a #SolicitorHour tweet in their timeline.

Now that #SolicitorHour has established an active audience, Thursdays will become themed hours based around specific areas of law, such as wills and probate, conveyancing, family law, criminal law, personal injury and business law. This is designed to help refine the focus of conversation, making it instantly accessible to the public.

Planned topics will be announced after Tuesday’s discussion each week to remind specialist solicitors in these areas to mark the dates in their diaries to login over lunch and give the benefit of their experience and knowledge to a wider audience.

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