Socialist Party believes the Land Registry will privatise

Socialist Party believes the Land Registry will privatise

The Socialist website has published a piece speculating on the likelihood of the Land Registry being privatised.

They said that: “The Land Registry’s public sector status is already under scrutiny with up to 1,000 of the current 4,500 jobs under threat over the next five years.”

The Land Registry’s current purpose was pointed to, of releasing the economic value in land and property and related data markets, as aligning the organisation with the market rather than delivering a public service.

Adding: “It is vital that the Land Registry remains in the public sector with enforceable powers backed by the weight of government. This will also be crucial to maintain public confidence in the conveyancing process.”

The appointment of Ed Lester as the new Land Registry chief executive was also mentioned, his appointment is seen as a possible part of the rush towards privatisation.

His previous tenure at the Student Loans Company saw controversy around the privatisation of that organisation.

To read the full piece click here.

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