SLC and BLG express serious concerns over Land Registry shortcomings

SLC and BLG express serious concerns over Land Registry shortcomings

The Society of Licensed Conveyancers (SLC) and the Bold Legal Group (BLG) express serious concerns over Land Registry shortcomings which include long delays in registrations that continue to cause problems for Conveyancers and the public.

The SLC and the BLG are becoming very concerned over continuing delays in first registrations and registrations of a more complex nature at the Land Registry. The problems have been experienced in different parts of the country for many months now and in spite of continued assurances that the problem is being tackled there appears to be no improvement at all.

Simon Law, Chairman of the SLC said "It is extremely disappointing that these problems have not been resolved. It cannot be that difficult to forecast future demands at the Land Registry based on the extensive data on activity in the property market that is available in the public domain. What really concerns us is that despite continuing assurances that the problems are being addressed there have been no signs of improvement at all. If they cannot get their core activity right, it raises serious questions about their plans to take on the Local Land Charges Register."

BLG founder Rob Hailstone commented "My members continue to report delays with Registration to the extent that mortgage lenders have written to clients blaming law firms for registration shortcomings. This can affect the status of law firms on lenders panels and is simply unacceptable. It seems that the Land Registry is understaffed and not focusing sufficiently on its prime purpose which is to provide a reliable and effective Land Registry service for the general public. In addition IT issues have recently been reported to me."

The SLC and the BLG will be meeting with Land Registry officials to discuss the situation and express the strong concerns over the backlogs which now seem to be a hard core feature of the Land Registry service.


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