Should solicitors brought to the attention of the Legal Ombudsman be ‘named and shamed’?

Should solicitors brought to the attention of the Legal Ombudsman be ‘named and shamed’?

The Legal Ombudsman yesterday published anonymous case studies on their website stating that it is part of their commitment to helping both consumers and solicitors to understand the sort of issues that it is required to investigate and how resolution is reached.
From June it is proposed that the service will also be extended to publishing details of the Ombudsman’s decisions and case outcomes, this will also be anonymous.
The Ombudsman is also starting a second round of consultations to help with a decision on whether or not to identify solicitors who are named in cases brought to their attention, the final decision is expected by the end of the year but in the meantime the Ombudsman are looking to the public, legal profession and any organisation with an interest in the work being carried out for their comments.
The consultation, “An Evidence Based Approach” and full details of how to put your views across can be found on the Legal Ombudsman’s website.
Why not have a look and be let your voice be heard?
Liz France, Chair of the Office for Legal Complaints, said:
“The case studies published show the types of issues being considered by the Legal Ombudsman and how the service is working with consumers and the profession to find a way forward.  We hope people will find them useful.
As the data builds up over the next few months, we will be able to get an ever clearer view of the types of complaints, legal areas and lawyers coming to the Ombudsman’s attention.”
She continues:
“It is important that, in making our decision on whether or not to identify, we listen to as many views as possible and that we taken them into account, alongside our actual experience and the complaint trends we are seeing”.
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