Should a register of private landlords be established?

Should a register of private landlords be established?

Phil Wilson, a Labour MP in Sedgefield, presented a new bill to the commons on Tuesday, Private Landlords (Register and Duties), commenting that “regulation of the private sector is needed to stop vulnerable families from being exploited”.
The new bill proposes that the sector requires to be ‘professionalised’ in order that landlords do not let their property fall into disrepair, leading to anti-social behaviour problems.
Wilson, who introduced his bill under the ten minute rule motion, stated that “50 percent of private rented properties currently failed to meet the decent homes standard and that private lets would account for 30 per cent of UK housing stock by 2020”.
If Wilson is successful with his bill, legislation would require a landlord to pay into a ‘community levy’ in order to help fund improvements to the neighbourhood.  Isn’t that what we are doing when paying our council tax?
The bill is due to be read again on 18th November but the likelihood is that there will be a distinct lack of progress and possibly interest.
If the aim of the bill is to reduce anti-social behaviour then perhaps some of the Local Authorities and Housing Associations should be made to sign up.  Ultimately I don’t think it will make any difference to a tenant’s behaviour what the property’s state of repair is and I also fail to understand how making a landlord register will stop vulnerable families from being exploited?
What do you think of the proposal — would you agree or disagree with it?
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