Scottish Law Society to review conveyancing

Scottish Law Society to review conveyancing

Scotland’s residential conveyancing practice is to be developed and enhanced by a working group set up by The Law Society of Scotland. The development was agreed on Friday 31st May with the intention of meeting the needs of 21st century home buyers.  The review will look at the sale and purchase of homes in Scotland and bring appropriate proposals for improving the current and future property market forward.

Convener of the Society’s property Law Committee, Ross MacKay, will also convene the new working group set up by The Law Society of Scotland. 

He comments: "The background to this is the discussion on separate representation in conveyancing transactions as we believe the current situation needs to change. We felt that the current discussion on separate representation has created a prime opportunity to examine residential conveyancing as a whole and to consider how we can modernise and improve the processes involved, yet preserving the unique characteristics of Scots property law which benefit in my view the Scottish public.

"There have been a number of improvements in recent years such as introducing standard clauses across parts of the country and increased use of new IT and online technology, but we believe there is room for further change and innovation. The aim of establishing the working group is to bring together highly knowledgeable individuals with a deep understanding of current conveyancing practice, as practitioners or academics or with a consumer interest focus, to consider how we can update and improve what we currently do to benefit everyone involved in buying and selling a home."

The working group will invite individuals to join them, with the expectation that a six month interim report and final report will be produced for consideration by the Society’s Council. 

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