Revealed: the top reasons Land Registry rejected applications

Revealed: the top reasons Land Registry rejected applications

These are the most common reasons why Land Registry rejected applications over the last twelve months.

The most common reason listed was “defective application” followed by “identity information not supplied for all parties by conveyancer” – responsible for nearly a quarter of all rejections.

Land Registry say less than 1% of applications are rejected.

According to Land Registry: “Land Registry only rejects applications that have no prospect of being completed as they stand and also in cases where identity confirmation is required and has not been given or is incomplete and where a previously cancelled application has been re-lodged without the reasons for cancellation having been addressed.

“Very few applications are rejected out of the overall intake of registration applications received. About 0.85% of applications are rejected currently. That works out to approximately 165 applications every working day.

“From 1st July 2015 to 30th June 2016, Land Registry rejected a total of 41,850 applications. The following table shows a breakdown of the reasons for rejection based on the rejection letter templates used.”

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