Quality Solicitors and WHSmith sign deal

Quality Solicitors and WHSmith sign deal

Quality Solicitors (QS) and W H Smith have signed a deal that will see QS members of staff placed in 150 high street stores, eventually rolling out to 500, at what will be known as Legal Access Points.  It is not yet clear what qualifications the QS employee will have but the idea is that, using iPads, they will book appointments, provide a conveyancing quote, sell wills packages, offer fixed fee advice appointments and also sign new clients up to a QS loyalty scheme.
According to the Law Society Gazette Craig Holt, Chief Executive of Quality Solicitors, commented:
“The level of awareness and recognition this will create for the QS brand is incomparable, and will fast forward us to a ‘household name’ status years ahead of target.”
The deal has attracted plenty of speculation and comments from the legal profession, some positive, but the most seem to be solicitors looking down their noses sneering at the QS brand. The ones that are positive say that this is an impressive deal for QS and that this could be the difference between survival, or not, come October.  Whilst nobody knows if this will work, with ABS looming, surely any kind of marketing for solicitors has got to be worth a try?
Whether you are ‘for’ or ‘against’ Quality Solicitors if you have a QS and a W H Smiths branch in your town what are you doing to ensure that you don’t lose out on potential clients?
It is a well known fact that solicitors don’t like change but, whether we like it or not, change is happening. It’s time to stop burying your head in the sand and do something to survive.
Rob Hailstone tweeted this:
"QS not the only possible solution, Bold Group and high street law firms working on new national legal association www.theboldgroup.co.uk."
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