Professional Conveyancing – New Cross border Conveyancing Service

Professional Conveyancing – New Cross border Conveyancing Service

Professional Conveyancing has launched a new cross border conveyancing service for clients moving north. They say that moving to or buying property in Scotland can often be a major headache for people living in England and Wales. The Scottish legal process for property transactions is both distinct and separate to that in England and Wales. A client will need to appoint a Scottish solicitor to act on their behalf and with little knowledge of the process getting the right conveyancer on board is vital. The problem remains that many English and Welsh solicitors are unlikely to have any Scottish firms that they could recommend.
Professional conveyancing has been launched to bridge this gap and is targeted at those English and Welsh conveyancers who have clients moving or buying property north of the border. The online system allows the conveyancer to generate conveyancing quotes and instruct cases for sales purchase and remortgage transactions on behalf of their clients within a matter of minutes. Each quote generated will itemise the cost of the transaction so that the client will know of their likely outlays from day one. If the client is happy with the quote the case can then be instructed on line and passed directly over to the Scottish solicitor to handle the case.
Richard Megson of Professional Conveyancing says ‘having been through a cross border relocation I have firsthand knowledge of the problems and issue that can arise. My solicitor in England didn’t have any Scottish contacts to recommend so I was left to my own devices to find a solicitor and get somebody to explain to me the process.
Professional Conveyancing believes that this will be a beneficial service for English conveyancers to provide to their clients and will pay a referral fee of up to £200 per case instructed.
More details about the service can be found at  

 Professional Conveyancing also offers conveyancing services throughout Scotland to those professionals involved in property and related markets.

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