How podcasts and panels are changing the legal industry

How podcasts and panels are changing the legal industry

“What is the point in keeping the best information under your hat if the only person it benefits is you?”

Last month, I was invited to take part in a podcast recorded by Today’s Conveyancer on the trial of our four-day working week. I was talking alongside Gavin Wall from Conveyancing Expert, who introduced the scheme a while back and sings the praises of its success within his firm. David Opie hosted the discussion, asking the right questions to draw out the best conversation from us both and I hope it was a useful insight for other firms to consider also introducing similar schemes for their staff.

Podcasts have the power to add so much value to our industry. The sharing of opinions and information, openly discussing our challenges and swapping best practice with peers. I know we’ve had industry magazines and publications for a long time, but this extra level of sharing knowledge encourages us to see one another as colleagues within a bigger industry, rather than rivals.

What’s the point in keeping the best information under your hat if the only person it benefits is you? In the long run, there is very little advantage to that attitude. There is so much intelligence we can share to help collectively evolve and better conveyancing practices, which we all know have historically been slow to adapt to change. For example, discussions on technology and digitisation help those firms who might be slower to trial new software. It helps them understand what others are doing and, most importantly, what’s working and what’s not.

We can’t afford to keep losing good conveyancers. It affects our industry across the board and by understanding what other firms are doing to improve the lives of their workforce, whether that be through menopause training, bereavement support or a four-day week, we are able to address the problems in our industry together, and work to improve things.

Panel sessions are another hugely valuable way to exchange opinions. A positive consequence of the pandemic is that they are often now livestreamed. The digitisation of live discussion at industry events means that conveyancers can watch from all over the country, again harnessing the power of technology to share information.

Aconveyancing turns five this month, and in preparing for the milestone, I was considering what we could give back to the industry to help others. Inspired by Today’s Conveyancer, we recorded our own podcast series, Conveyancers for Change, launching this week. Five episodes of conversation on issues within conveyancing and beyond, including menopause, bereavement at work and professional development.

With a huge loss of conveyancers over the last few years, it’s important to switch our mindset from secretive to sharing. Organisations like Today’s Conveyancer and ESTAS have been working hard for years to share best practice within the industry. We have a responsibility to our industry to attract and keep the best new talent out there and we’ll only do that by making conveyancing on the whole a more attractive industry to join.

Aconveyancing’s new podcast launches on Tuesday 17th May. For more information, visit their Facebook page:

Natalie Moore, Director at Aconveyancing

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