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Perfect Portal’s Payment on Account feature sees law firm receive digital payment in seconds

Last week, award-winning digital platform Perfect Portal saw law firm KMC Legal Ltd receive a digital payment using their Payment on Account feature in just 31 seconds.

Perfect Portal CTO Drew Wynne said:

“This impressive time marked our fastest Payment on Account to date, beating the previous record of 37 seconds by a significant amount. We are extremely proud to build a platform which puts solicitors at the heart of what we do, so to be able to provide this level of service to our clients is a fantastic achievement for our team and great news for our clients.”

This new payment record was obtained through the branded app’s integration with the secure online payment provider, Stripe. Stripe is a global leader in digital payment facilities allowing for safe, secure, and protected transactions. This time-saving feature enables solicitors to set up automated notifications to their clients to make payments quickly and conveniently from their mobile device. Further time can be saved thanks to the app’s ability to automatically sync with digital wallets, allowing the use of both Apple and Google Pay.

Being able to process a payment in under one minute undoubtedly enhances customer experience and boosts satisfaction, helping firms to win more business and stay ahead of the competition.

Wynne added:

“Our Payment on Account feature allows firms to say goodbye to chasing clients for payments, with triggered push notifications sent directly to smartphones via our clients’ bespoke apps.

Seamless digital payments are just one of the various aspects of our digital-first solution, which we design specifically with the requirements of UK law firms in mind.”

Could your firm benefit from quick and convenient online transactions?

Let Perfect Portal take your client onboarding to a new level.

Perfect Portal’s game-changing technology boasts an intuitive, user-friendly interface and impeccable communication capabilities, allowing for client onboarding to take place quickly and securely. Perfect Portal integrates seamlessly with the leading Case Management Systems including LEAP, Tikit, Actionstep, SOS, Proclaim, DPS, Redbrick and Law Fusion and Linetime as well as InfoTrack, Search Acumen, Advanced, Reapit for Estate Agents and ReviewSolicitors.

Our integrated technology provides your firm with a tailored, fully branded client-facing mobile app, enabling your clients to frictionlessly complete all onboarding tasks in one place.

As the digital era and client expectations demand that law firms adopt more efficient and secure onboarding practices, Perfect Portal has never been more vital to enhancing your firm’s practice by reducing onboarding time with secure and compliant digital checks and e-signatures and automating your client communications and payments in a single solution.

To find out more about what Perfect Portal can do, including digital payments, get in touch at to book a demo with our team.

This article was submitted to be published by Perfect Portal as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Conveyancer. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Conveyancer.

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