Peppermint and Warner Goodman collaborate on Peppermint Portal

Peppermint and Warner Goodman collaborate on Peppermint Portal

Warner Goodman LLP, a law firm with over 150 years under its belt and 120 staff over 3 offices, are working alongside Peppermint Technology towards a live release of Peppermint’s Portal.
The Portal, together with the firm’s IRIS Videss system which is already in place, will offer a secure self-service function allowing clients to complete forms and questionnaires, giving some control back to the client.  Clients will be able to provide information relating to their matter which, in turn, will give them a predictive outcome or a quote.
With the use of the Peppermint Portal, Warner Goodman can provide their clients with a 24/7 service and can also pre-qualify prospective clients.  Once a client and their matter have been accepted the details provided by the client will be automatically entered into their respective fields within the case management system, thereby streamlining the whole client instruction process.
Warner Goodman will be providing the service via their website and it will be rolled out during 2011 across their PI, Wills and Residential Conveyancing departments.
Warner Goodman show a commitment to delivering legal services in a user friendly manner and providing a flexible approach by utilising web based services proving that, despite the history, the firm strive to be forward thinking.
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