InTouch Conveyancing Software

InTouch Conveyancing Software is a software matter management system specifically created to improve Automation, Communication and Transparency within the conveyancing process. Our mission is to help the industry communicate as effectively as possible and to inspire conveyancers to use as much transparency and automation as can be with today’s, and tomorrow’s technology. Built for Conveyancers, InTouch Conveyancing Software supplies default workflows which are fully customisable. This enables you to continue to use your practices and processes but in a more time efficient manner, leaving you to focus on property law whilst increasing conversions and productivity. This is achieved through intuitive precedent automation via workflows, quotation calculators, 3rd party search/AML/accounts integrations, electronic forms for your clients, stakeholder mobile & web portals and much more. Support, training and utilisation of InTouch Conveyancing Software are a high priority for the InTouch Conveyancing Software team. Nobody wants to buy a piece of software which the staff don’t know how to use and sits there costing you money. As the system is a true cloud technology, you are able to greatly simplify your costs, backs ups and maintenance, which alone count for a significant percentage of revenue. InTouch Conveyancing Software is constantly innovating and pushing boundaries to achieve the commitment to improving Automation, Communication and Transparency for you, the conveyancer, whilst improving the customer journey for buyers & sellers. If you are looking for the most advanced conveyancing software around, get InTouch with us today! Contact: Dale Kime Tel: 0115 888 11 55 Email: Website: Address: InTouch Conveyancing Software, 20 The Ropewalk, Nottingham. NG1 5DT