October sees decrease in Land Registry transactions

October sees decrease in Land Registry transactions

The Land Registry has released the latest figures for those organisations that hold accounts with them, showing their activity for October 2013.

Information relating to applications for transfers for value (i.e. an approximation of purchase activity) showed the number of total number of application fell from 75628 to 71086 between September and October.

Whilst the top three remained myhomemove, Countrywide and O-Neill, O-Neill took the second spot from Countrywide in October.

In September myhomemove dominated with 1548 completed applications with Countrywide in second with 898 and O’Neill Patient in third with 764.

In October 2013 myhomemove had 1359 transactions, whilst N-Neill saw 737 and Countrywide 716.

About 4350 account holders made applications to Land Registry with the top 10 firms making up 7.2% of applications. 642 firms only made one application.

To see where your firm came on the list click here.

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