Non-Executive positions at the CLC

Non-Executive positions at the CLC

The Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC), the specialist regulator of property law services is seeking to make key appointments to its non-executive team.

The CLC’s independent Adjudication Panel, which makes disciplinary determinations and hears appeals against regulatory decisions has a vacancy for a new Member. The Adjudication Panel meets for a total of five or so days each year, dependent on demand.

The Audit Committee, a committee of the Council that audits the work of the CLC is looking for an Independent Member to provide objective and critical external input. The Committee meets twice a year.

Chief Executive of the CLC, Sheila Kumar said: “These are both highly rewarding appointments which could be an excellent first non-executive position in the case of the Audit Committee and excellent tribunal experience in the case of the Adjudication Panel. We hope that people across the legal and finance sectors will be interested in working with a regulator that is committed to delivering innovation and growth in the provision of legal services while maintaining the highest standards of practice and consumer protection.”

The closing date for applications for each appointment is 30th October.

Each appointment receives a per diem of £250, plus reasonable expenses.

For further details on these vacancies, please visit the CLC website.

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