New start for property lawyer and author

New start for property lawyer and author

Having had nearly three months of a “horticultural holiday” before joining Dutton Gregory Solicitors, Paul Sams has spent his time wisely.

Not only has he just completed his first book “A Practical Guide to the Law of Enfranchisement and Lease Extension” (due to be published in the coming weeks), but he is also part way through his new book entitled, “A Practical Guide to Equity Release for Lawyers”.

Commenting on his new role, Paul says: “it is great to be joining such a progressive firm as Dutton Gregory.  Well respected by their peers in the sector and with an enviable client base, the chance to join the firm to help grow the already well-established property team was too great an opportunity to pass up.

Explaining the thinking behind his new book, Paul went on to say: “My latest book is based on the amount of uptake I have had on the legal training courses I have been asked to run for other lawyers on the topic.  There are very few practical resources available for lawyers so it seemed logical for me to produce one based on my experience of the same.  It has never ceased to amaze me the number in my profession who either refuse to take on Equity Release work or who simply take it on without realising what they have done.  Like most things the process is actually quite straightforward once you know how but it seems that few do.”

“I am hoping that this book will be useful to the profession as we are likely to see more and more Equity Release products on the market for consumers to utilise.  Giving our aging population in the UK, many of whom are asset rich and cash poor, the chance to fund their lifestyle via Equity Release in their later years will be more commonplace”.

With Equity Release clients releasing a combined sum over £3 billion in 2017 this is expected to grow further in 2018 so this will be a growth area of work for solicitors going forwards.

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