New services for Land Registry

New services for Land Registry

The Land Registry has announced that it is considering the feasibility of widening its information services.

It will be testing out a prototype service for a year which will provide a standardised price Local Land Charges search and Con 29 information service. The service will have a fixed turnaround time and format.

The Land Registry recently collaborated with the Government Digital Service to explore all the possible options for standardisation and delivery of the service.

The Government Digital Service is responsible for managing, procuring and delivery of digital projects across government departments.

It was established by the Cabinet Office in response to the Digital by Default agenda set as part of the Coalition Government’s drive for transparency of information across government.

The Land Registry will work with the Government Digital Service for the next 12 months to develop a prototype service with local authorities, customers and stakeholders.

If you would like more details relating to the prototype please [email protected]

Will this be the next big thing for conveyancing? Or will it go the same way as the “Chain Matrix” system?

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