New rental index launched

New rental index launched

A new index has been launched by residential property specialists Move with Us, and is aimed at investors looking to get the highest yields on their property investments.

The index was developed in conjunction with an economist at the London School of Economics and

The inaugural report showed that rents are stable after an initial fall in price, now averaging at around £970 per month.

This represents a 2% increase in rents from September 2011, 0.6% below the rate of inflation.

London market inflation and subsequent falls in the first half of 2012 are thought to undermine the suppression in rental prices over the last few months.

The Move with Us Rental Index is based on a weekly snapshot of over 150,000 rental properties advertised on major sites across eleven regions in the UK covering England, Wales and Scotland.

This allows Move with Us to base rental analysis on upwards of 7.8 million data points annually, one of the largest samples available for a rental index.

Investors will be able to track rental pricing trends in different regions in order to help them make informed investment decisions and evaluate the performance of property portfolios.

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