New, low-cost case and risk management portal for conveyancers

New, low-cost case and risk management portal for conveyancers

Move and Log, a Norwich based Property IT company, recently launched their online portal, designed with suppliers of conveyancing services in mind.  The system aims to “assist busy practitioners in managing multiple transactions and the conveyancing risks associated with those transactions.
Lawyer and designer of the online resource, David Pett, explains the background of the idea:
“We have in the past spent a small fortune on purchasing case management systems many of which promised the world but in the event fell miserably short of our expectation.
Designing our own system was relatively straightforward and with an in-house IT team we have produced a highly practicable and low cost on line portal for managing the common risks associated with conveyancing transactions. 
It doesn’t make the tea or coffee, nor does it do the work for you. It is however a system that delivers in full on everything it says it can do on the ‘tin lid’.   It has revolutionized the way in which conveyancing is processed in our office and the way in which partners can monitor the level of work and the performance of those working in the department.”
Access to the portal is 24/7 for clients and agents and according to Mr Pett “helped to cut down on calls coming into the office”.
The focus during the design process was risk management and reducing the risks surrounding the conveyancing process.
The objective, Mr Pett explains:
“is achieved with features built in to address concerns over money laundering, mortgage fraud, complaints, undertakings and the recording of key dates.   By adding these processes my firm was able to secure a 5% discount when it came to renewing our professional indemnity insurance.”
Looking ahead, Mr. Pett adds:
“We are now looking to share this technology with other practices that might be looking to introduce case and risk management systems and to offer the portal with no set up costs or ongoing support charges.    At the same time we are busy integrating the system with third party suppliers such as search and indemnity insurance providers in the hope that in time with commission payments funding the maintenance and future development of the system we will be able to offer the portal as a free service.”
For further information David Pett can be contacted at [email protected]
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