New legal job site launched for property lawyers

New legal job site launched for property lawyers

A new legal job site has been launched to help conveyancers advertise and recruit for their teams. is a new UK platform that connects Law practises to conveyancing talent.

The platform has been launched by Shane Hennessy. Hennessy has a background in launching niche recruitment websites to serve growing needs.

“We felt there was a need for a specialist conveyancing jobs site to serve such a large skilled community.  Traditional law job sites tend to be flooded with recruitment agency roles so we’re aiming to give users more variety by only allowing conveyancing jobs posts from law practises based in the UK,”

explains Hennesy.

Through the pandemic Today’s Conveyancer has tracked the number of conveyancing vacancies as firms have sought to recruit to cope with the rising demand. And latest figures from around the industry suggest that despite the tapering of the SDLT holiday, the property market will remain buoyant throughout the Autumn. uses the latest job board technology along with a clever design that allows users to apply for conveyancing jobs from solicitor roles to paralegals jobs. Users can be kept up to speed with the latest conveyancer jobs by registering for daily or weekly job alerts

Currently there is no charge to place Job posts but they will introduce a pricing model in Autumn. Regarding pricing, Shane added, ”Single job posts pricing on other legal job sites is expensive when you consider the average salary of the conveyancing sector. We’ve seen a trend of law firms move conveyancing jobs adverts away from specialist legal sites to Linkedin and Indeed due the poor return on investment and high cost per ad”.

Being part of employers strategy is at the forefront of this initiative, as Hennessy concluded,

”The ultimate aim is to be part of law practises hiring checklist or first port of call when they’re looking to place conveyancer jobs and we will achieve this by driving quality applications”.

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