New agency to tackle fraud

New agency to tackle fraud

The National Crime Agency (NCA) will be the part of the government’s crack down on fraud.

The move was announced at the Conveyancing Association’s quarterly meeting last week.

The National Fraud Authority (NFA), explained the NCA will be an integrated intelligence sharing system covering both public and private sectors.

This will focus police and law enforcement resources upon the most significant areas of criminal activity and target organised crime at its heart.

Grant Sidey, Senior Manager in the NFA Knowledge Directorate, said: “Organised crime is diversifying and fraud is a less risky way for criminals to get their hands on hundreds and thousands of pounds than, say, robbing a bank.

“The private sector has a critical role to play in driving down mortgage fraud and helping us take action.

“The NFA can help private sector hubs such as the Conveyancing Association to share intelligence with other parts of the market and benefit everyone.”

Chairman of the Conveyancing Association, Eddie Goldsmith said: “The conveyancing industry is crucial to the fight against mortgage fraud and due to our practices we collect a great deal of information that has the potential to help our anti-fraud partners even more.

“I am encouraged by the plans for anti-fraud under the NCA and we look forward to exploring ways to share our intelligence with the authorities and the wider financial services sector.”

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