Move with Us launches interactive online conveyancing system

Move with Us launches interactive online conveyancing system

Move with US has launched Navigator, an interactive online conveyancing system, which they believe will enable the moving process to be sped up by 11 days.

Initial customer trials have shown that using Navigator can reduce the average number of days it takes to move by up to 11 days once a sale has been agreed, therefore dramatically speeding up the conveyancing process.

Navigator enables home movers, estate agents and conveyancers to complete and share legal documents securely online.

Both estate agents and conveyancers can benefit from Navigator which can accelerate the conveyancing process and increase conversion rates by ensuring that home movers are legally ready early on in the transaction.

Navigator will allow customers to track the progress of their file online 24/7, easily contact their conveyancer and Move with Us directly and receive email reminders to keep the process moving, ensuring they don’t fall behind and unnecessarily delay the transaction.

The new Navigator service is available to all customers that sign up for conveyancing through Move with Us partner agents.

Ian Fletcher, Director, Move with Us, said: “Navigator has been developed to improve the conveyancing process for home movers by providing an easy-to-use online service which allows them to track the legal side of their home move every step of the way.

“Initial results and feedback from agents and conveyancer who trialled the system showed that Navigator can speed up the conveyancing process helping to turn pipelines more quickly.

“In an industry that is currently reporting a slowdown in the time that it takes to complete the legal part of a home move, Navigator provides our partner agents with an edge – something they can use to differentiate themselves locally from other businesses and win new listings.”

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