Making technology simple – which system do you choose?

Making technology simple – which system do you choose?

Nigel Williams of LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions has recently written an intriguing guest post, which has been published by Law Firm Services (LFS). “Is your conveyancing system fit for purpose?” questions the new breed of demanding consumer combined with the developing case management technology within the realm of conveyancing. This may seem like the perfect combination of demand and supply – but is this creating an endless cycle and overworking the legal professionals involved?

The good news, according to Williams, is that we are in full flow of recovery from the recession, with the bad news being that consumers are now requiring a pre-recession level of service. Clients are now being offered a new insight into their property transactions, so no stone goes unturned. This means that the best amongst the conveyancing firms are now competing in a battle to improve their technology implementation, says Williams. So how are firms going about choosing the right system: is it all about efficiency of staff, or enhancing customer experience?

Being cost-effective as well as finding a bespoke product are two of the most integral points to consider before choosing the right provider and system, according to Williams. He goes into detail into the five key points all firms need to examine within their business prior to coming to a final decision on the right system. It’s important to remember that this isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” type of product – each firm needs to conduct thorough research into what systems are available, as well as what is required within their particular business.

Want to find out more about what you need to consider as a conveyancer when deciding what case management system to choose? Simply visit the LFS website and discover the most effective strategy ahead of this increasingly vital implementation.

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