LEAP Enhances Software Offering With Two-Factor Authentication For All Users

LEAP Enhances Software Offering With Two-Factor Authentication For All Users

LEAP, the leading provider of legal practice management software, has announced that all users can now benefit from Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) across LEAP desktop, web and mobile applications.

Security-conscious LEAP users can now enable Two-Factor Authentication, a two-step system for law firms to improve secure access to LEAP involving a one-time verification code sent to the user’s mobile device.

Research has shown that single-factor authentication (i.e. an email and password) is increasingly vulnerable to security breaches; while the option to create a complex password can be impractical for users. Two-Factor Authentication addresses this issue by providing an additional layer of security for LEAP users.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) gives LEAP users peace of mind as it ensures that even if their password is compromised, the account cannot be accessed without entering a verification code. When signing into LEAP, users must first enter their LEAP credentials. If the credentials are valid, users will then be prompted to enter a verification code which is generated via the user’s mobile device.

If users lose their mobile device or buy a new mobile device, you can deactivate it from within LEAP or from the old mobile device.

Two Factor Authentication enables LEAP users to further secure highly confidential files and correspondence.

This simple security solution allows lawyers to work on the go from multiple locations while ensuring lawyers meet the high standards of security required by law.

For more information about LEAP and how it can help to secure your legal practice, please visit: leap.co.uk

LEAP Legal Software


Developed with small to mid-sized law firms in mind. LEAP helps generate efficiencies, profit and improve the service of legal practices.

LEAP’s innovative features help drive automation and ensures non-billable tasks can be completed with speed and accuracy across the most common areas of law including conveyancing. LEAP’s features include:

  • A library of automated conveyancing forms including Land Registry and HMRC.
  • Quick and accurate automation of complex documents such as a completion statement
  • Integrated legal searching allowing you to order all searches directly from the matter.
  • An online Web Portal that allows conveyancers to engage and communicate with existing clients, manage incoming enquiries and generate new business with ease.

With an annual investment of more than £12 million a year into R&D, LEAP works closely with their clients to inform the delivery of cutting-edge, feature-rich, yet affordable software.

Being a cloud-based solution, LEAP allows you to run your entire law firm from one application, simplifies IT requirements and its mobile app provides conveyancing professionals the freedom to work anytime, anywhere via any device.

LEAP makes compliance a natural consequence of running your practice and achieving the LEAP Best Practice Standards helps to achieve the very highest standards of conveyancing, ensuring compliance and reduce the recognised risk associated with practising conveyancing.

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