Law Society warns of unauthorised CQS “Consultants”

Law Society warns of unauthorised CQS “Consultants”

The Law Society has issued a warning, to all practices applying for membership of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, not to incur unnecessary costs from unauthorised risk and compliance consultants who are charging practices to carry out an audit for the scheme.  The Law Society warns that these so-called Consultants do not have any detailed knowledge of the scheme and the robust risk scoring process and if you have any queries about the application process then you should contact [email protected] or read the application guides.
The CQS application form is around 30 pages long and has 74 questions, together with the need to submit supporting documentation — could this be the reason that so far only around 600 firms have applied?
Would the “Consultants” offering their services tempt you into applying for CQS accreditation if they could deal with the application process on your behalf and if so what would that be worth to your firm?  If this would increase your chances of successful application then surely it could not be deemed an unnecessary cost.
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