Law Society to introduce conveyancing portal

Law Society to introduce conveyancing portal

The Law Society is currently developing an online conveyancing portal in order to improve communication between solicitors, conveyancers, clients and stakeholders including the Land Registry and HMRC.

The portal is expected to go live in 2014 and is intended to allow all parties in a transaction to view up-to-date information on the process online in a secure and collaborative ‘deal room’.

The service will be accessible through a mobile telephone or tablet computer. The Law Society Gazette reported that Law Society chief executive Desmond Hudson had said: “Moving online will save you time and avoid the costs created by traditional paper-based approaches. It will help you work greener and smarter, working on the move, enabling you to manage your time and your staff time more effectively.

“In the future we want to work with estate agents and lenders so that more of the key parties are in the portal. Right from the start it will dramatically improve collaboration with clients and other conveyancers.”

Firms can participate in developing the system and be kept up to date with progress by emailing [email protected].

What do you think of the proposal? Is an online portal the way forward?

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